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About Us


For more than 17 years we at Gadmei Computer Technology (GCT) have developed smart, technology solutions to solve our clients' toughest challenges. Demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations. GCT was instrumental in providing innovative solutions not only to the Electronics industry but also to the IT industry, contributing in its inimitable selfless fashion in no small measure to the Government’s computerization drive in Sri Lanka.

GCT, however, has gone from strength to strength and got increasingly better and better all the time. Its Service Centre is conveniently based at a strategic location in Rajagiriya ensuring timely deliveries and turnaround times for all its customers.

Over the past two decades, technology has radically changed the world we live in. GCT has remained at the forefront of business because we have understood how to use technology change and innovation to deliver full value to our clients. We are committed to providing the best in technology in this fast-changing world.

GCT, in particular, have been contributing towards the development of the IT and Electronics industry and has been faithfully instrumental in introducing new and innovative solutions to the industry.

One major goal of our company is to provide well-designed hardware solutions with software capabilities to enable you to use the products without a deep knowledge of technologies. We are dedicated to satisfying our users with the state of the art solutions of your homes for your entertainment and leisure.

You are welcome to visit us at our service Centre at Rajagiriya for a demonstration of products on display. Our commitment is to provide a strong after-sales back up. We can easily boast of some of the best technical personnel in the industry, equipped with the relevant skills and expertise combined with years of experience to ensure a reliable and efficient after-sales service.

Gadmei was also the first to introduce and launch the Gadmei TV box technology in Sri Lanka to the General Public, a technology that brings the functions of the desktop to your Computer screen. This is a novel technology providing full value to the buyer. A product which is very economical in value and no doubt a perfect fit for the Sri Lankan purse due to its low-budget quality offering full value for its money.